Soldier background 5e – Is the best 5e soldier background?

If you are eagerly searching for the d&d 5e soldier background, this article will give you the information about soldier background 5e.

Soldier background 5e is an excellent background, it has many features. Just like other dnd 5e backgrounds, soldier also with some features, such as personality traits, ideals, flaws, and bonds.

After many years of combat training, a soldier knows the necessary conditions for survival on the battlefield after promotion. And what you can do is up to you. Because of your rank, people who are loyal to your previous military organization will recognize your authority, and they will obey you if your rank is lower than your own.

You can use this rank to get assistance or supplies from other soldiers for temporary use. Professional skills include track and field, intimidation, game equipment, and land vehicles.

Generally, the soldier background 5e is often opposed to criminal background 5e.

Okay, let’s deep into the detail of the soldier background 5e d&d.

Soldier background 5e

The life in your memory is only war. As you are a child, you have trained and learned how to use various weapons and armors. You mastered various survival skills, so, you know how to survive on the battlefield.

You may have been a member of a National Convention Army or a mercenary regiment or a member of a recent militia on the battlefield.

After you choose this background, you work with your DM to discuss specific information about your military organization, your rank in it. You also talk about these things you have experienced in your military life.

You have been a regular soldier, an urban guard or a rural militia, or a personal bodyguard for a noble or merchant, or a private mercenary.

Skills Proficiencies: Intimidation, Sport

Tool proficiency: a piece of gambling equipment, Vehicle

Equipment: a military rank emblem, a loot obtained from a fallen enemy (a dagger, a destroyed weapon, or a shard of a flag), a set of bone dice or a set of cards, a set of ordinary clothing, and a 10 gp belt bag.


During the time you as a soldier, you held a specific full-time job in your group or army. Refer to the following table to cast a d8 to randomly determine the full-time orange position, or directly choose from the table:

4standard bearer
6support staff

Feature: Military Rank

You have obtained rank as a soldier. Those who are loyal to your previous organization will still admit your authority and influence. Those with a lower rank than you will still obey your orders.

Under the influence of rank, you can temporarily acquire simple equipment or horses from other soldiers. You can freely pass through friendly army camps and forts that recognize your rank.

Suggested Characteristics

The strict military discipline and horrors of war made a mark on all soldiers, shaping their ideals, establishing strong bonds, and often leaving them scarred and vulnerable to fear, humiliation and hatred.

Personality Trait

d8Personality Trait
1I have drawn inspirational and vigilant stories from military experience that cover almost all combat situations.
2I am troubled by the memories of the war. I cannot escape the impression of violence.
3 I’m always polite and respectful.
4 I enjoy being strong and like breaking things.
5I can stare at the Hellhound without flinching.
6I lost too many friends, and the speed of making new friends is slow.
7I face the problem directly. A simple, straightforward solution is the best way to succeed.
8 I have a crude sense of humor.


1Greater benefits. Our job is to let go of life and defend others. (it is good)
2Independence. When people obey orders blindly, they will have an autocracy. (Chaotic)
3Responsibility. I do what I must and obey just authority. (Lawful)
4Might. In life, as in war, more powerful forces win. (Evil)
5Live and Let Live. Ideals are not worth destroying or fighting for. (Neutral)
6Nation. My city, country or people are all important. (Any)


1I still give my life to the people I work with.
2Someone saved my life on the battlefield. To this day, I will never leave a friend behind.
3My honor is my life.
4I will never forget the fierce defeat or enemies of my company.
5Those who struggle beside me are worth dying for.
6I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.


1The enemies we face in battle still tremble me fear.
2I do not respect anyone who is not a recognized fighter.
3I made a terrible mistake in the battle, which sacrificed many lives. And I will make every effort to keep this mistake secret.
4My hatred of the enemy is blind and unreasonable.
5I would rather eat my armor than admit myself when I am wrong.
6I obey the law even if it causes pain.

The best 5e soldier background?

In my opinion, I think this is the best 5e soldier background in D&D.


The soldiers in D&D are known for being proficient in many types of battles, which is usually seen among soldiers or soldiers with a military background.

soldier background 5e mention extensive training methods to learn how to fight, so make it a good match when considering the growth of the character.

Track and field intimidation capabilities allow other skills to be selected as fighter capabilities.

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D&D Paladin Spell List 5e

Name LevelCast TimeSchoolRitualComp-
Aura of Life4thActionAbjurationnoVyes
Aura of Purity4thActionAbjurationnoVyes
Aura of Vitality3rdActionEvocationnoVyes
Banishing Smite5thBonus ActionAbjurationnoVyes
Blinding Smite3rdBonus ActionEvocationnoVyes
Branding Smite2ndBonus ActionEvocationnoVyes
Ceremony1st1 hourAbjurationyesVSMgpno
Circle of Power5thActionAbjurationnoVyes
Compelled Duel1stBonus ActionEnchantmentnoVyes
Create Food and Water3rdActionConjurationnoVSno
Crusader's Mantle3rdActionEvocationnoVyes
Cure Wounds1stActionEvocationnoVSno
Death Ward4thActionAbjurationnoVSno
Destructive Wave5thActionEvocationnoVno
Detect Evil and Good1stActionDivinationnoVSyes
Detect Magic1stActionDivinationyesVSyes
Detect Poison and Disease1stActionDivinationyesVSMyes
Dispel Evil and Good5thActionAbjurationnoVSMyes
Dispel Magic3rdActionAbjurationnoVSno
Divine Favor1stBonus ActionEvocationnoVSyes
Elemental Weapon3rdActionTransmutationnoVSyes
Find Greater Steed4th10 minutesConjurationnoVSno
Find Steed2nd10 minutesConjurationnoVSno
Geas5th1 minuteEnchantmentnoVno
Holy Weapon5thBonus ActionEvocationnoVSyes
Lesser Restoration2ndActionAbjurationnoVSno
Locate Creature4thActionDivinationnoVSMyes
Locate Object2ndActionDivinationnoVSMyes
Magic Circle3rd1 minuteAbjurationnoVSMgpno
Magic Weapon2ndBonus ActionTransmutationnoVSyes
Protection from Evil and Good1stActionAbjurationnoVSMyes
Protection from Poison2ndActionAbjurationnoVSno
Purify Food and Drink1stActionTransmutationyesVSno
Raise Dead5th1 hourNecromancynoVSMgpno
Remove Curse3rdActionAbjurationnoVSno
Searing Smite1stBonus ActionEvocationnoVyes
Shield of Faith1stBonus ActionAbjurationnoVSMyes
Staggering Smite4thBonus ActionEvocationnoVyes
Thunderous Smite1stBonus ActionEvocationnoVyes
Wrathful Smite1stBonus ActionEvocationnoVyes
Zone of Truth2ndActionEnchantmentnoVSno