Mass Cure Wounds 5e

A wave of healing energy rushes from a point you specify within the cast range. You designate up to six creatures in a 30-foot radius spherical area around the point, and restore each target creature to a certain amount of health. Mass Cure Wounds Level: 5 Casting time: 1 Action Range: 60 feet Components: V, S Duration: Instantaneous Its value … Read more

Mass cure wounds 5e

mass cure wounds 5e

We had introduced the cure wounds 5e spell, now let’s show the detail info of mass cure wounds 5e. Mass cure wounds 5e Level: 5th Classes: Druid, Cleric, Bard Casting Time: Action Range: 60 feet Components: V, S Duration: Instantaneous How does the dnd 5e Mass cure wounds work? A wave of healing energy rushes from a … Read more