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Today, I will talk about the last one dnd 5e background in the dnd backgrounds series topics, which is the Urchin 5e. Play as the Urchin 5e is a very different experience.

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Urchin 5e

Your parents died when you were young, you are very poor, and you are alone in the streets. No one cares for you, so you must learn how to make a living yourself.

You have to fight for food and to prevent stolen by the poor guys like you, you must always look around. You sleep on the roofs and alleys. Even if you are sick, you can only endure alone, and you can’t count on drugs and medical treatment. You end up with nine lives and become very cunning strong, agile, or both.

When you start your adventure, carrying a sum of money will allow you to live a simple and stable life for more than ten days. How did you get this money?

What power allows you to break through the desperate living environment and try to get a better life?

Skill proficiency 5e Stealth, Sleight of Hand
Tool proficiencies 5eThieves’ tools; Disguise kit
EquipmentA knife, a map of the city you grew up in;
A pet rat, a souvenir to commemorate your parents
A set of ordinary clothes and a waist pack with 10 gp

Suggested Characteristics

Urchin 5e are shaped by their desperate poverty, and the results are mixed. The promise of life and death on the streets may drive them.

The eager desire to find a better life may also lead them. Even the hatred of all the rich who used to treat them viciously could be a motive for street children.

Personality Traits 5e

D8Personality Traits
1 I hid food scraps and accessories deeply in my pocket.
2 I often ask questions.
3 I like to get into places where others can’t find me.
4 I am used to sleeping against a wall or a tree, and when I am sleeping, I bundle my things in my arms.
5 I eat like a pig, and it is very impolite.
6 I don’t think anyone is at ease with my hypocrisy.
7 I don’t like bathing.
8 I always say things that others have hinted or wanted to hide.


1 Respect. All people, rich and poor, should be respected. (Goodness)
2 Community. Outsiders won’t help us, so we must help each other. (Obey)
3 Change. Inferiors may find their way, and superiors may fall off. Change is the essence of everything. ( Chaotic )
4 Retribution. Rich people should be pressed into the ditch to taste the dying. (evil)
5 People. I help those who helped me-this is the very foundation of our survival. (neutral)
6 Aspiration. I will prove that I deserve a better life.


1 This town is my home, and I must defend it.
2 I funded an orphanage to protect others from my doom.
3 I survived thanks to another tramp who taught me how to survive on the streets.
4 I owe a gentleman who sympathizes with me that I cannot afford.
5 I got rid of poverty and became rich by robbing a big man, but I was also wanted for it.
6 No one should suffer the same pain that I once did.


1 If the enemy is powerful, I will slip away during the fight.
2 I think gold is very valuable, so I will do whatever it takes to make a lot of gold.
3 I never trust others completely, but only myself.
4 Rather than a fair duel, I prefer sneak attacks while people are in danger.
5 If I need something more than my original owner, I don’t steal it if I take it away.
6 If you don’t care about your own guy, you can only deserve it.

Feature: City Secrets

In urchin background 5e, you know the secret paths and alleys in the city, and you can find your way in the chaotic neighborhoods where others are easily lost.

If you are not in combat, you can also guide your companions through the two locations at twice the usual speed in the city.

The end

Hopefully, after you read the d&d 5e urchin background detail information, it will bring a better experience of the game to you. The Urchin 5e is a different 5e background.

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