Warlock spells 5e guide

Which are the best warlock spells 5e?

How do warlock spells work 5e?

How many spells can a warlock know 5e dnd?

How to get 9th level warlock 5e spells?

How to cast 9th level spells as a warlock 5e?

With these questions, we collected all the warlock spells 5e and listed them into a dnd 5e warlock spells list. The all warlock spells 5e include:

  • Arcane Gate
  • Armor of Agathys
  • Arms of Hadar
  • Astral Projection
  • Banishment
  • Blade Ward
  • Blight
  • Booming Blade
  • Cause Fear
  • Charm Monster
  • Charm Person
  • Chill Touch
  • Circle of Death
  • Cloud of Daggers
  • Comprehend Languages
  • Conjure Fey
  • Contact Other Plane
  • Counterspell
  • Create Bonfire
  • Create Undead
  • Crown of Madness
  • Crown of Stars
  • Danse Macabre
  • Darkness
  • Demiplane
  • Dimension Door
  • Dispel Magic
  • Dominate Monster
  • Dream
  • Earthbind
  • Eldritch Blast
  • Elemental Bane
  • Enemies Abound
  • Enervation
  • Enthrall
  • Etherealness
  • Expeditious Retreat
  • Eyebite
  • Far Step
  • Fear
  • Feeblemind
  • Find Familiar
  • Finger of Death
  • Flesh to Stone
  • Fly
  • Forcecage
  • Foresight
  • Friends
  • Frostbite
  • Gaseous Form
  • Glibness
  • Green-Flame Blade
  • Hallucinatory Terrain
  • Hellish Rebuke
  • Hex
  • Hold Monster
  • Hold Person
  • Hunger of Hadar
  • Hypnotic Pattern
  • Illusory Script
  • Imprisonment
  • Infernal Calling
  • Infestation
  • Investiture of Flame
  • Investiture of Ice
  • Investiture of Stone
  • Investiture of Wind
  • Invisibility
  • Lightning Lure
  • Maddening Darkness
  • Mage Hand
  • Magic Circle
  • Magic Stone
  • Major Image
  • Mass Suggestion
  • Mental Prison
  • Mind Spike
  • Minor Illusion
  • Mirror Image
  • Misty Step
  • Negative Energy Flood
  • Plane Shift
  • Poison Spray
  • Power Word Kill
  • Power Word Pain
  • Power Word Stun
  • Prestidigitation
  • Protection from Evil and Good
  • Psychic Scream
  • Ray of Enfeeblement
  • Remove Curse
  • Scatter
  • Scrying
  • Shadow Blade
  • Shadow of Moil
  • Shatter
  • Sickening Radiance
  • Soul Cage
  • Spider Climb
  • Suggestion
  • Summon Greater Demon
  • Summon Lesser Demons
  • Sword Burst
  • Synaptic Static
  • Thunder Step
  • Thunderclap
  • Toll the Dead
  • Tongues
  • True Polymorph
  • True Seeing
  • True Strike
  • Unseen Servant
  • Vampiric Touch
  • Wall of Light
  • Witch Bolt

By the way, we list the name, level, cast time, school, ritual, components, and concentration of all warlock spells 5e. By referring this d&d 5e warlock spells list, you can compare each ranger 5e spells and to find the best warlock spells 5e to get a better experience of the d&d game.

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Warlock spells 5e

NameĀ  LevelCast TimeSchool RitualComp-
Arcane Gate6thActionConjurationnoVSyes
Armor of Agathys1stActionAbjurationnoVSMno
Arms of Hadar1stActionConjurationnoVSno
Astral Projection9th1 hourNecromancynoVSMgpno
Blade WardCantripActionAbjurationnoVSno
Booming BladeCantripActionEvocationnoVMno
Cause Fear1stActionNecromancynoVyes
Charm Monster4thActionEnchantmentnoVSno
Charm Person1stActionEnchantmentnoVSno
Chill TouchCantripActionNecromancynoVSno
Circle of Death6thActionNecromancynoVSMgpno
Cloud of Daggers2ndActionConjurationnoVSMyes
Comprehend Languages1stActionDivinationyesVSMno
Conjure Fey6th1 minuteConjurationnoVSyes
Contact Other Plane5th1 minuteDivinationyesVno
Create BonfireCantripActionConjurationnoVSyes
Create Undead6th1 minuteNecromancynoVSMgpno
Crown of Madness2ndActionEnchantmentnoVSyes
Crown of Stars7thActionEvocationnoVSno
Danse Macabre5thActionNecromancynoVSyes
Dimension Door4thActionConjurationnoVno
Dispel Magic3rdActionAbjurationnoVSno
Dominate Monster8thActionEnchantmentnoVSyes
Dream5th1 minuteIllusionnoVSMno
Eldritch BlastCantripActionEvocationnoVSno
Elemental Bane4thActionTransmutationnoVSyes
Enemies Abound3rdActionEnchantmentnoVSyes
Etherealness 7thActionTransmutationnoVSno
Expeditious Retreat1stBonus ActionTransmutationnoVSyes
Eyebite 6thActionNecromancynoVSyes
Far Step5thBonus ActionConjurationnoVyes
Find Familiar1st1 hourConjurationyesVSMgpno
Finger of Death7thActionNecromancynoVSno
Flesh to Stone6thActionTransmutationnoVSMyes
Foresight9th1 minuteDivinationnoVSMno
Gaseous Form3rdActionTransmutationnoVSMyes
Green-Flame BladeCantripActionEvocationnoVMno
Hallucinatory Terrain4th10 minutesIllusionnoVSMno
Hellish Rebuke1stReactionEvocationnoVSno
HexHex1stBonus ActionEnchantmentnoVSMyes
Hold Monster5thActionEnchantmentnoVSMyes
Hold Person2ndActionEnchantmentnoVSMyes
Hunger of Hadar3rdActionConjurationnoVSMyes
Hypnotic Pattern3rdActionIllusionnoSMyes
Illusory Script1st1 minuteIllusionyesSMgpno
Imprisonment9th1 minuteAbjurationnoVSMgpno
Infernal Calling5th1 minuteConjurationnoVSMgpyes
Investiture of Flame6thActionTransmutationnoVSyes
Investiture of Ice6thActionTransmutationnoVSyes
Investiture of Stone6thActionTransmutationnoVSyes
Investiture of Wind6thActionTransmutationnoVSyes
Lightning LureCantripActionEvocationnoVno
Maddening Darkness8thActionEvocationnoVMyes
Mage HandCantripActionConjurationnoVSno
Magic Circle3rd1 minuteAbjurationnoVSMgpno
Magic StoneCantripBonus ActionTransmutationnoVSno
Major Image3rdActionIllusionnoVSMyes
Mass Suggestion6thActionEnchantmentnoVMno
Mental Prison6thActionIllusionnoSyes
Mind Spike2ndActionDivinationnoSyes
Minor IllusionCantripActionIllusionnoSMno
Mirror Image2ndActionIllusionnoVSno
Misty Step2ndBonus ActionConjurationnoVno
Negative Energy Flood5thActionNecromancynoVMno
Plane Shift7thActionConjurationnoVSMgpno
Poison SprayCantripActionConjurationnoVSno
Power Word Kill9thActionEnchantmentnoVno
Power Word Pain7thActionEnchantmentnoVno
Power Word Stun8thActionEnchantmentnoVno
Protection from Evil and Good1stActionAbjurationnoVSMyes
Psychic Scream9thActionEnchantmentnoSno
Ray of Enfeeblement2ndActionNecromancynoVSyes
Remove Curse3rdActionAbjurationnoVSno
Scrying5th10 minutesDivinationnoVSMgpyes
Shadow Blade2ndBonus ActionIllusionnoVSyes
Shadow of Moil4thActionNecromancynoVSMgpyes
Sickening Radiance4thActionEvocationnoVSyes
Soul Cage6thReactionNecromancynoVSMgpno
Spider Climb2ndActionTransmutationnoVSMyes
Summon Greater Demon4thActionConjurationnoVSMyes
Summon Lesser Demons3rdActionConjurationnoVSMyes
Sword BurstCantripActionConjurationnoVno
Synaptic Static5thActionEnchantmentnoVSno
Thunder Step3rdActionConjurationnoVno
Toll the DeadCantripActionNecromancynoVSno
True Polymorph9thActionTransmutationnoVSMyes
True Seeing6thActionDivinationnoVSMgpno
True StrikeCantripActionDivinationnoSyes
Unseen Servant1stActionConjurationyesVSMno
Vampiric Touch3rdActionNecromancynoVSyes
Wall of Light5thActionEvocationnoVSMyes
Witch Bolt1stActionEvocationnoVSMyes

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