Here is a topic about what is aswbidsagent (aswidsagenta.exe)? And how to disable it when you want to do it?

If you are also an Avast user, then you should know that Avast software includes AVG behavioral masking in its products. In the “Processes” option of Task Manager, you will find a running process named aswbIDSAgent (Avast Identity Protection Service).

Avast, as excellent anti-virus software, can scan running programs and protect against ransomware and other malware. However, what is aswbIDSAgent service related to Avast?

What is aswbidsagent service?

AswbIDSAgent service is the Avast Identity Protection service in Avast. In general, it should be an active status.

If you temporarily disable the aswidsagent.exe for some reason, you can block the behavior, which is a behavior blocking process.

The Behavior Shield is a new proactive protection feature of Avast that protects users from new, unknown malware.

If you want to disable the aswidsagent.exe for any reason, then you can disable it by the following steps.

How to disable aswidsagent.exe?

  1. First, open the Avast user interface page like the following image.
  2. Then click Settings -> components -> Behavior shield -> Stop permanently.
what is aswbidsagent service
Avast user interface

Now, you have disabled the aswbidsagent service permanently.

By the way, you can also disable the Behavior shield of Avast through visiting components in the Settings page. However, not recommended doing that.

Hope this solution can help you!