Java – Realm findAllSorted by field of a filed

Realm findAllSorted by field of a filed… here is a solution to the problem.

Realm findAllSorted by field of a filed

Another question about Realm.

I have this structure;

Class A has a Class B with a string name.

I want to sort the list of class A by B with the name “xy”;

So here’s what I tried but didn’t work.


This indicates that there are no field

Any ideas to make it work?

Thank you.


Realm also doesn’t support sorting by link. There is a open issue tracking this.

This is a workaround before Realm supported the feature:

class A extends RealmObject {
    private B b;
     Storing the as a field of A when calling setB(). But
     remember you cannot do it by adding logic to setB() since Realm's
     proxy will override the setters. You can add a static method to
     achieve that.
    private String bName;

 getters and setters

 This needs to be called in a transaction.
    public static void setBObj(A a, B b) {

You can then sort the results by bName, for example:


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