Java – Using Dagger to inject a singleton?

Using Dagger to inject a singleton?… here is a solution to the problem.

Using Dagger to inject a singleton?

Is it possible to have Dagger inject singletons for you?

For now, I’ve only found a way to manually provide dependencies for singletons :

public Dispatcher providesDispatcher(Context context, PPreferences preferences,
                                                       FileNameCache fileNameCache) {
    return new Dispatcher(context, preferences, fileNameCache);

Is this the only way to define a singleton? I prefer to do something like the following, so that Dagger injects the dependencies itself, but doing so gives me an error.

public Dispatcher providesDispatcher(Dispatcher dispacher) {
    return dispacher;

Maybe there is another way to define singletons that allows me to inject other singletons into it?

Thanks for any help.

I just realized that I’m doing the second method with another Singleton, but it’s a little different when I map the implementation to an interface:

public Tracker providesTracker(TrackerImpl tracker) {
    return tracker;

TrackerImpl also injects an example of the PPreferences described above.

When I try to get it to create a Dispatcher using the second example, here’s the error I get:

error: Unknown error java.lang.IllegalStateException thrown by javac in graph validation: Dependency cycle: bound by @Singleton/ProviderMethodBinding[provideKey="com.example.test.Dispatcher", memberskey="null"]


Creating a Dispatcher singleton instance does not require the @Provides method (on the module). Just annotate the Dispatcher constructor with the @Inject and annotate the class with @Singleton. Whenever you inject an Dispatcher instance, Dagger uses that instance.

public class Dispatcher 
    public Dispatcher(..)

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