Linux – RDP is routed through the ssh tunnel

RDP is routed through the ssh tunnel… here is a solution to the problem.

RDP is routed through the ssh tunnel


thought I could easily find the answer here, but no luck. Maybe this is not possible:
Here’s the assumption: I’m sitting at Starbucks and my win 8 laptop is connected to their WLAN. I opened an SSH connection to my Amazon EC2 Micro Ubuntu instance.
Earlier in the morning before I left home, I opened another SSH connection to the same instance from my family’s win 8 machine.
Now from my putty terminal I can see connecting pts/0 and pts/1 and netstat -n to give me the IP addresses of my two firewalls (Starbucks and mine) and their 10000+ port numbers and my ubuntu server address and port 22.
I turned on TCPForwarding on the ssh server on my Ubuntu machine.

Now how do I configure Putty to establish an RDP tunnel to access my home server? Do I have to do extra work on my Ubuntu instance to forward RDP packets?


Thank you for your audience.

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