Java – Dynamic string substitution in reader streams

Dynamic string substitution in reader streams… here is a solution to the problem.

Dynamic string substitution in reader streams


have a (text) file on disk that I need to read into a library with a Reader object.

While reading this file, I want to perform regular expression string substitution on the data.

My current solution is to read the entire file into memory as a String, do String replacement, and then create a StringReader for that String and pass it back to the library as a Reader.

This works, but for large files, especially when running in multithreaded, performance is an issue.

What I wanted to do was have it read each line from the file at once, replace this substring, and silently return it to the consumer of Reader – but I couldn’t think of how to do that.

Is there a better way to accomplish this task?

I’m using Java 7

Here’s an example of my current solution – reading from “file”, replacing all “a” with “b”, and passing Stream to the consumer.

public void loadFile(final File file) throws Exception
    final Pattern regexPattern = Pattern.compile("a");
    final String replacementString = "b";

try (BufferedReader cleanedBufferedReader = new BufferedReader(new StringReader(replaceInBufferedReader(new BufferedReader(new FileReader(file)),
            regexPattern, replacementString))))
        new StreamSource(cleanedBufferedReader).doSomething();

private static String replaceInBufferedReader(final BufferedReader reader, final Pattern pattern, final String replacement) throws IOException
    final StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
    String str;

while ((str = reader.readLine()) != null)

return pattern.matcher(builder.toString()).replaceAll(replacement);


You only want to subclass BufferedReader.

class MyBufferedReader extends BufferedReader {

MyBufferedReader(Reader r) {

    String readLine() {
        String line = super.readLine();
         perform replacement here
        return line;


Open your file as usual, but wrap it in your subclass instead of wrapping it in BufferedReader.

try ( Reader r = ...;
          BufferedReader br = new MyBufferedReader(r)) {
     String line;
     while ((line = br.readLine()) != null) {
          use returned line


Below is a Reader that allows you to replace the input stream line by line while still presenting the user with a Reader interface flow.

Internally, the raw stream is wrapped in a BufferedReader, reading one line at a time. You can perform any required transformations on the rows that have already been read. The converted line then becomes a StringReader. When the user of the stream invokes any read(...) operation, the request is directed to a buffered StringReader to satisfy. If the StringReader runs out of characters, the next line of the BufferedReader is loaded and converted to continue with read(...) < Provide input

abstract public class TranslatingReader extends Reader {

private BufferedReader input;
    private StringReader output;

public TranslatingReader(Reader in) {
        input = new BufferedReader(in);
        output = new StringReader("");

abstract public String translate(String line);

    public int read(char[] cbuf, int off, int len) throws IOException {
        int read = 0;

while (len > 0) {
            int nchars =, off, len);
            if (nchars == -1) {
                String line = input.readLine();
                if (line == null) {

line = tranlate(line);

line += "\n";  Add the newline which was removed by readLine()
                output = new StringReader(line);
            } else {
                read += nchars;
                off += nchars;
                len -= nchars;

if (read == 0)
            read = -1;

return read;

    public void close() throws IOException {

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