Java – Find the Eclipse project file location

Find the Eclipse project file location… here is a solution to the problem.

Find the Eclipse project file location

I have an android project running in the Eclipse IDE. Let’s say it’s Project ABC. Some of my colleagues have made multiple copies of this project, so the project files can be seen on the desktop, C://, D://, and even in the Eclipse workspace. Now I don’t know where the project runs because they’ve deleted the project folder and imported it into Eclipse that uses this copy, and they can’t remember if they selected the Copy to Workspace option. How can I get this position? I tried to right-click on the item and saw that there were any options, but no. Finding it manually using java code (getAbsolutePath()) won’t do any good, it will return the path in your phone.

Please help.


Did you try to right-click Project > Properties -> Resource? You will be able to see the project path there.

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