Linux – After establishing a remote ssh connection to the server, vscode-server does not appear to complete the installation

After establishing a remote ssh connection to the server, vscode-server does not appear to complete the installation… here is a solution to the problem.

After establishing a remote ssh connection to the server, vscode-server does not appear to complete the installation

I’m using the Remote-ssh extension with VS code (insider) to connect to an AWS Linux server. This connection is authenticated using an SSH key stored on the local computer. Once connected, a terminal named “install” will open with the following output:

685ad2d6d150: running
Acquiring lock on /home/ubuntu/.vscode-server-insiders/bin/45aafeb326d0d3d56cbc9e2932f87e368dbf652d/vscode-remote-lock.ubuntu.45aafeb326d0d3d56cbc9e2932f87e368dbf652d
Found existing installation at /home/ubuntu/.vscode-server-insiders/bin/45aafeb326d0d3d56cbc9e2932f87e368dbf652d...
Checking /home/ubuntu/.vscode-server-insiders/.45aafeb326d0d3d56cbc9e2932f87e368dbf652d.log and /home/ubuntu/.vscode-server-insiders/. for a running server
Looking for server with pid: 79962
Found running server...

* Reminder: You may only use this software with Visual Studio family products,
* as described in the license (

Checking server status on port 45093 with wget
685ad2d6d150:  start
685ad2d6d150: end

(This print is after the initial installation and reconnection to the server, but the output is roughly the same.)

After that, the “Install” terminal remains open. If I close it, then my connection seems to be interrupted and trying to open a file, or another Bash terminal reopens the install terminal.

If I open a direct connection to the user directory, I get the following warning:

Screenshot of warning icon

Extentions want to make the following changes to the terminal's environment

If I open a connection from the git repository directory, I don’t get that warning.

My question is, is the vscode-server-insiders “installed” complete? Should the “Install” terminal remain open all the time? If I close the “Install” terminal, should I disconnect and reopen it? Is the warning displayed because I’m not in the git repository directory? Should I receive that warning? Or is this all the normal process of connecting remotely via ssh via VS Code?

Sorry, I googled but didn’t see anything to suggest this is regular behavior with the Remote-ssh extension. I feel that if the vscode-server-insiders installation is complete, the “install” output in the terminal should disappear. But it seems to hang after connectionToken==86be68cd-ee77-49dc-ae26-5c1521022c2c==4134564d6c6c5d: end output. Just trying to figure out if this really should happen.

Update 1: As mentioned in @VonC, the installation process does seem to hang. I’ve looked at the Troubleshooting hanging or failing connections document and “remote. SSH.showLoginTerminal": true, "remote. SSH.useLocalServer": false was added to my settings file, but it doesn’t seem to make the difference. Nothing appears in the output log of the Remote-ssh extension. There are a lot of pty errors in the developer’s console, but none others that look like they might hang the installation process. So, does anyone know why the installation process hangs?

Update 2: Replace the remote. SSH.showLoginTerminal set to false does not display the “install” terminal at all. But does this hide the terminal and the problem, or does it really solve the problem? It seems like the “Check server status…” step is stuck in process, but I can still use the bash terminal and open the file. I can also do this by converting the remote. SSH.showLoginTerminal is set to false to accomplish all of these operations. I’m using ssh key, but I’m not logged in with a password. I guess now I’m more curious about what exactly is going on here and making sure nothing is hidden by this setting.


I set the remote. SSH.showLoginTerminal: false, it either hides these warnings or gets rid of them. I do not know. So, while I don’t know why these warnings are getting or if this setting really “fixed” it, I’d say this has been fixed because there’s nothing stopping me from using VS Code’s SSH remote feature, and I won’t stop getting annoying warnings.

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