Aganazzar’s scorcher 5e spell – how long does it last?

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Aganazzar’s scorcher 5e

An Elemental Evil spell


Level: 2

Casting time: 1 Action

Range: 30 feet

Components: V, S, M (a red dragon’s scale)

Duration: Instantaneous

A 30-foot-long, 5-foot-wide billowing fire line spreads from you in a direction you choose. Creatures in this line must make agility save check. Creatures that fail the save take 3d8 points of fire damage, while successful saves only take half of the damage.

When you cast a spell with a 3rd-level or higher spell slot, the damage is increased by 1d8 for each higher-level spell slot used

Discussion about dnd 5e aganazzar’s scorcher

If Acid Stream were 2nd level, we could compare to Aganazzar’s Scorcher.

Same area. Worse on a save, better on a fail. I’d usually pick this over AgScor, but they would at least be in the same ballpark as each other.

wowowow that latest DnD 5e UA with all the class variants looks amazing. especially that sorceror elemental spell metamagic option. imagine aganazzar’s scorcher with thunder damage as a rift of distorted sound ala the gura gura no mi(—@QuroCloak)

Itis amazing!!! Did Vaz lay down that d&d 5e aganazzar’s scorcher ?

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