Android – Remove or replace the kivy splash screen at startup

Remove or replace the kivy splash screen at startup… here is a solution to the problem.

Remove or replace the kivy splash screen at startup

When I launch my app (kivy based) on my phone, there is 1 to 2 seconds before the main window is visible, showing the splash screen showing “Loading…”.

How do I remove it somewhere in the code ( or configuration (I found that there is no configuration related to this (kivy.config)? Does this seem to be related to OpenGL or pygame?


This screen is part of the python-for-android process and is not something you can modify directly in your kivy application.

As you commented, you can change the displayed image using the –-presplash option of If you use Buildozer, you should set the Presplash.FileName flag in the buildozer.spec file.

Maybe the process could be modified in some way by digging into python-for-android, but I’ve never seen this discussed, and I’m not quite sure if you can make any real changes. The problem is that between the Java application initialization and the Python/Kivy application being ready to display anything, some load time is essential. As far as I know, the best thing you can do in a python file is to perform as few calculations as possible in the build method.

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