Animal Shapes 5e

Does Animal Shapes 5e continually refresh a creature’s Hit Points?

Animal Shapes 5e

8th level Transmutation (Druid)

Casting Time: Action

Range: 30 feet

Components: VS

Duration: Concentration, up to 24 hours

How does the Animal Shapes spell work?

You cast spells to turn other creatures into beasts. Specify any number of voluntary creatures within the cast range, and transform each target into a beast with a challenge level of no more than 4 and a size no larger than a large beast. You can transform the subject creature into another beast form in one action for the duration of the spell.

The deformed effect of each affected creature lasts until the end of the spell. When its health drops to 0 or dies, the spell effect will also end. You can choose different shapes for each target.

The target’s game information is replaced with the game information of the selected beast and retains its original camp, as well as intelligence, perception, and charm values. The target will use a new form of health. When it returns to its normal form, the target’s health also returns to its pre-transformation value.

If the target changes back to its normal form because its health has dropped to 0, then the normal form takes over the damage. As long as the overflow damage is not enough to reduce the normal form of health to 0, he will not be comatose. Subjects can only use new forms of movement, and cannot speak or cast spells.

The target’s equipment is integrated into its new form, and it cannot activate or hold the equipment, nor can it benefit from its equipment in any other way.

Discussion about Animal Shapes

Here’s s a sketch of an animal companion I made for my wife’s halfling rogue; I call it a black-masked marten, AKA thief weasel. About the size of a fox, its coloring is very similar to that of a raccoon. I also made a paper miniature of it. (—@atanak74)

Do 5e Animal Shapes start targets at full hp?

Alright lets tackle our first high-level spell and also one of the most broken spells in dnd 5e animal shapes. Im just gonna ignore the inifite hp, shifting you and anyone who’s willing into different animals every 6 secs as much as you want for 24 hours. #dnd (—@MightyThews)

It’s always fun when your druid friends try new animal shapes out. But during the middle of an adventure might not be the best time. “Cute” doesn’t always mean “stealthy”, and nobody wants to see how ogres pet kitties.