How does arcane eye 5e spell work?

In dnd 5e, How does arcane eye 5e spell work? And when to use the dnd 5e arcane eye?

Arcane eye 5e spell

  • Level: 4th level
  • Classes: Wizard
  • Casting Time: Action
  • Range: 30 feet
  • Components: VSM
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

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How does the d&D 5e arcane eye work?

You create an invisible magic eye floating in the air within the casting distance.

The Arcane eye 5e spell has 30 feet of normal vision and dark vision and can observe any direction. You receive the visual information from the Arcane eye through spiritual connection.

You can use an action to move the mystic eye 30 feet in any direction. There is no limit to the distance of the Arcane eye from you, but it cannot enter another plane. A solid obstacle blocks the movement of the dnd 5e Arcane eye, but it can pass through any gap greater than 1 foot in diameter.

Frequently discussion about Arcane eye

1. In DnD 5e spell, Arcane Eye…turning a difficult infiltration story into an almost trivial task!

2. While Vecna sets his eye on Vasselheim, his influence in Tal’Dorei makes itself known. We’ll see how the Arcane Dawn confronts this evil will very soon!

3. A dnd idea: using a Gargoyle Clawed Hand or a Basilisk Eye as an arcane focus may trigger a petrification effect when casting a spell of 3rd level or higher. When the spell connects, roll a 1d100, and if you roll under 10+half your level the target suffers petrification.

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