Create Undead 5e

Specify up to three medium or small humanoid corpses within the casting distance, and turn each corpse into a ghoul under your control (the specific game information of these creatures is controlled by the DM). This spell can only be cast at night.

Create Undead 5e

Level: 6th

Classes: Wizard, Warlock, Cleric

Casting Time: 1 minute

Range: 10 feet

Components: V, S, M

Duration: Instantaneous

In any of your rounds, you can use a bonus action and use mental commands to manipulate any creature within 120 feet that you awaken with this spell (if you manipulate multiple creatures, your command can be communicated to all of them or Are some of them, but only the same command can be used).

You decide the action and movement of the creature being manipulated for the next turn. Or, you can choose to give broad commands, such as guarding a room or corridor. Creatures that have not received your order will only act in self-defense against hostile creatures. Once ordered, the creature will continue to execute the order until the task is completed.

The manipulated creature will only obey your orders within 24 hours. If you cast this spell again before the end of the current 24-hour period, your control of the creature will be extended for another 24 hours. This use of the spell can only extend your control time over up to three creatures created by you using this spell, and will not create new creatures.

When using the 7th-level spell slot to cast this spell, you can evoke or maintain four ghouls. When using the 8th-level spell slot to cast this spell, you can evoke or maintain five ghouls, or two ghouls, or two ghouls. When you use the 9th-level spell slot to cast this spell, you can evoke or maintain six ghouls, or three ghosts, or three ghouls, or two mummies.