Forcecage 5e

You magically form a fixed cube of invisible prison around a specified location within casting distance. You can choose between a cage or a sealed cell.

Forcecage 5e

Level: 7th

Classes: Warlock, Wizard, Bard

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: 100 feet

Components: V, , S, M

Duration: 1 hour

A Cage is a cube up to 20 feet on each side, with walls made up of 1/2″ thick force-field bars, with each bar spaced 1/2″ apart.

The Sealing Cage is a cube up to 10 feet on each side, with walls sealed by force-field walls and blocking all substances and spells from entering or leaving the cage.

When the spell is cast, all creatures that are entirely within the spell area are trapped in the cage. Creatures that are partially within the area or larger than the area are pushed outward from the center of the area until they are completely out of the area.

The creature inside the cage cannot leave by non-magical means. If the creature attempts to use teleportation or interdimensional travel to leave the cage, it must line a charismatic immunity once.

A successful immunity allows the creature to leave the cage with that spell. A failed immunity prevents it from leaving the cage with this spell or effect and wastes the spell or effect. The cage also extends to the Etheric plane, blocking escape from Etheric travel.

The spell cannot be undone by dispel magic.