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As far as I know, the most dnd 5e background players trend to use hermit background 5e, because it has various suggested features, discovery feature, seclusion life.

So check out the d&d 5e hermit background and play the game now.

Hermit background 5e

You live a life of seclusion in an invincible place like a monastery or living alone. In life away from the chaos, you have gained inner peace and tranquility. And perhaps also learned the true meaning of life you are struggling for.

Skill proficiency 5eReligion, Medicine
Tool proficiencies 5e Herbal Tools
Languages Choose your own language
EquipmentA scroll box for notes of research results and prayers;
A winter blanket, a set of ordinary clothing;
A set of herbal tools, and 5 gp

Feature: Discovery

In dnd background, your lonely long seclusion has led you to discover some unique and powerful secrets. The specific content of this discovery is closely related to your reasons for seclusion. You may have found great truths related to the truth of the universe, the nature of the oracle, the power of the other world, or the power of nature.

You may also find a place that no one else has ever discovered. You may have revealed the long-forgotten truths or unearthed relics from a long history.

Or, you may have found information about the guys who led you into exile, and that is your chance to return to the world.

Life of Seclusion

Why do you live in seclusion, and why do you come back again?

You can discuss the reasons for seclusion with your DM, or you can choose randomly according to the following table or roll the dice.

D8Life of Seclusion
1I am seeking the inspiration of the soul.
2 I abide by the rules of the seminary and participate in the collective cleanup.
3 I am exiled for wrongdoing.
4 Something that changed my life caused me to live a life of seclusion.
5 I seek a place of seclusion in order to be absorbed in art, words or music.
6 I want to communicate with nature and stay away from the civilized world.
7 I am a caretaker of an ancient relic or an ancient relic.
8 I am a pilgrim looking for saints, holy places or holy relics.

Suggested Characteristics

In the hermit background 5e, some hermits have adapted well to seclusion life, and some people suffer from the loneliness of this life waiting for their companions to arrive.

Whether they choose to embrace emptiness or desire to escape from it all, living alone has shaped their attitudes and ideals.

A few people even become crazy because they have been out of society for too long.

Personality Traits 5e

D8Personality Traits
1Because I rarely speak in seclusion life, I now prefer to use body language to communicate, or occasionally mutter a few times.
2Even in the face of disaster, I am absolutely quiet.
3 The presidency of the seminar can speak to the truth and philosophy at any time, and I want to share such wisdom.
4 I have a strong compassion for the victims.
5 I know nothing about etiquette and common sense.
6 I see everything that is happening around me as part of God’s will.
7 I often fall into my own meditation and can’t extricate myself, regardless of the surroundings.
8 I am working to complete a philosophical theory and am willing to share its ideas with others.


1 Greater Good. My talent is destined to profit for everyone, not for selfishness. (Goodness)
2 Logic. We must not let emotions interfere with our thinking about correctness, truth, and reason. (Obey)
3 Free Thinking. The spirit of inquiry and curiosity is the backbone of academic progress. ( Chaotic )
4 Power. Purification and meditation are the way to mysterious power or magical power. (evil)
5 Live and Let Live. Indiscriminate intervention in the affairs of others will only cause trouble. (neutral)
6 Self-Knowledge. If you know it, then you know everything. (Any)


1 Nothing is more important than my companion, the discipline, or the congregation itself.
2 I live in seclusion to avoid those who are still hunting for me. And sooner or later I must face them directly.
3 I’ve been searching for inspiration in my seclusion life, but I still find nothing.
4 I live in seclusion because I cannot get the one I love.
5 If my discoveries are made public, the world will be turned upside down.
6 My penance reveals to me the terrible evil that only I can destroy.


1 I am now back in the civilized world, but I am a little over-indulged in pleasure.
2 I have a dark, bloodthirsty heart that cannot be erased even by penance and meditation.
3 My ideas and philosophy are very rigid.
4 My heart for controversy is better than friendship and harmony.
5 In pursuit of lost knowledge, I disregard any risks.
6 I like to keep everything secret and don’t like to share with others.

Other Hermits

The dnd 5e hermit background described here is special, because it sets a place for study or prayer. If you want to play as a rugged recluse living in the wilderness, you can also refer to the outlander 5e background.

If you want to play a more religious role, you can refer to the acolyte 5e background. Or you can play the role of charlatan 5e, pretending to be a wise and holy person to trick the pious idiots to help you.

The end

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