Locate Object 5e

You name or describe an object you are familiar with. As long as the object is not more than 1000 feet away from you, you will sense the orientation of the object. If the object is moving, you will also know the direction of its movement.

Locate Object 5e

Level: 2nd

Classes: Wizard, Bard, Ranger, Paladin, Druid, Cleric

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: Self

Components: V, S, M

Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes

This spell can locate a specific object you know, but you need to have seen the object at least once within 30 feet; or it can also locate a specific type of object (such as clothing, jewelry, furniture, tools, or Weapon) The closest individual to you.

If there is any thickness of lead, even if a thin piece of lead blocks the path between you and the object being located, the object cannot be located by the spell.