Prestidigitation 5e

This spell is a small magic trick used by a beginner caster to practice. You create one of the following magical effects within casting distance.

Prestidigitation 5e

Level: Cantrip

Classes: Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard, Bard

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: 10 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: 1 hour

  • You create an immediate, harmless sensory effect, such as a spark, a gust of wind, faint music or an odd odor.
  • You immediately light or extinguish a candle, a torch, or a small campfire.
  • You immediately make an object no larger than 1 cubic foot clean or dirty.
  • You immediately make an inanimate object no larger than 1 cubic foot cold, warm, or dirty.
    Or flavor it with an effect that lasts 1 hour.
  • You create a stain, or a mark, on an object or a surface.
    Or a symbol whose effect lasts for 1 hour.
  • You create a non-magical gadget or an illusory image the size of a palm, the effect of which lasts 1 hour.
    It should last until the end of your next turn.

If you cast the spell multiple times, you can maintain up to three different non-immediate effects at the same time, and you can dissolve one of them with an action.