Wish 5e

The wish spell is the most powerful spell that mortal creatures can cast. You only need to speak out your desires to manipulate the foundation of the real world in your hands.

Wish 5e

Level: 9th

Classes: Sorcerer, Wizard

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: Self

Components: V

Duration: Instantaneous

The most basic usage of this spell is to imitate any spell of 8th level or lower. You do not need to meet any prerequisites (including expensive material components) required by the target spell to make the spell effective.

In addition, you can also choose to create one of the following effects:

• You create an object with a value of no more than 25,000 gp. The object cannot be a magic item. The longest dimension of the object cannot exceed 300 feet, and it appears with the spell in an unoccupied place that you can see on the ground.
• You restore up to twenty creatures that you can see to their full health, and terminate all the effects on them described in greater restoration.
• You make up to ten creatures you can see resistant to a type of damage you specify.
• You make up to ten creatures that you can see immune to certain spells or other magical effects for eight hours. For example, you can make yourself and all your companions immune to the life-draining attacks of the Lich.
• You change an event that just happened. Reroll any roll of the previous round (including the roll you made the previous round), and let the reality change with the result of your new roll. For example, the wish spell can revoke an opponent’s successful saving throw, an enemy’s heavy blow or a companion’s failed saving throw. You can force the reroll to have advantages or disadvantages, and you can choose whether to use the rerolled result or the original result.

In addition to the above paradigm effects, you may be able to achieve some other results. You can explain your wishes to the DM in detail, and the DM will make a decision on it. But the greater your desire, the greater the probability of error. The spell may fail directly, or it may partially achieve the result you want, or you may get unexpected results due to improper wording when expressing your wishes.

For example, making a wish to let a bad guy die may lead you to a time period when the person is dead years later, making you the equivalent of leaving the game. In addition, wishing to obtain a legendary magic item or artifact may immediately teleport you to the current holder of the item.

Casting this spell for any purpose other than imitating other spells will put you under a great burden. After bearing this burden, until you complete a long rest, you will suffer a certain amount of damage every time you cast a spell (the damage value is related to the level of the spell cast, and 1d10 eclipse damage per ring).

You cannot reduce or prevent this damage in any way, and your strength will drop to 3 within 2d4 days (unless it is already 3 or lower). During this time, every time you spend a full day of rest (not doing any strenuous work), the number of days needed for recovery will be reduced by 2 days. Finally, if you bear this burden, there is a 33% chance that you will never be able to cast a wish again.