DnD 5e Human

In most worlds, humans are the youngest mortal race in estimable history, having arrived on the world stage later and having a shorter lifespan than the dwarves, elves, and dragons. Perhaps it is their short lifespans that compel them to relentlessly strive for their goals during their lifetimes. Or perhaps it was to prove themselves … Read more

DnD 5e Halfling

Most halflings aim for a stable home in life: a place of peace and quiet, away from marauding monsters and warring armies, with a warm fire, enough to eat and drink. Some halflings spend their lives in remote rural areas, but others are drawn to join the endless nomadic journeys of the sea and sky … Read more

DnD 5e Elf

Elves are a magical people with a transcendent elegance. They live in the present, but they are not quite of this world. They live in places of extraordinary beauty: in the heart of ancient forests or beneath silver spires that shine with the light of fairies. In their homes, soft music flowed through the air … Read more

D&D 5e Dwarf

The land of the dwarves is full of old and solemn airs. The magnificent halls carved out of the rocks, the echoing pickaxes of the deep mines, the haunting hammering of the burning furnaces, the absolute loyalty to clans and traditions, the deep hatred of Orcs and Goblins, all these unite all Dwarves. Short and … Read more

Spiritual weapon 5e – how long does spiritual weapon last?

Spiritual weapon 5e

How long does spiritual weapon 5e last? How does the spiritual weapon attack in dnd 5e? Does spiritual weapon go away when unconscious? Spiritual weapon 5e Level: 2nd Classes: Cleric Casting Time: Bonus Action Range: 60 feet Components: VS Duration: 1 minute How does dnd 5e spiritual weapon work? You create a floating spiritual weapon … Read more