Armor of Agathys 5e – how many times can I cast it?

Why does everyone rave about the armor of agathys 5e dnd? How many times can I cast this spell?

Armor of Agathys

Level: 1st

Classes: Warlock

Casting Time: Action

Range: Self

Components: V, S, M

Duration: 1 hour

How does the armor of agathys 5e works?

The protective magic power surrounds you, condensing into a layer of phantom frost covering you and your equipment.

You gain 5 temporary hit points for the duration of the spell. If a creature hits you with a melee attack while you have these temporary hit points, the creature will take 5 freezing damage.

When casting this dnd 5e spell with a 2nd-level or higher spell slot, each time you use a spell slot higher than 1st ring, the temporary life and freezing damage are increased by 5 points.

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Frequently topics

1. What’s your favorite type spell in your system (if it has magic)? Damage dealing, disguise, healing? On top of that, what is your absolute favorite spell?

I’m always drawn to those two-way spells that do a couple of things at once.

Armor of agathys dnd 5e, giving me temp HP and doing damage if I get hit with a melee attack.

2. -Hill Dwarf Frost Giant Soul Sorcerer, put points in Con and Dex
-Get Tough Feat at 4th Level and the Shadow Blade Spell
-When combat starts, prep up by using Shadow Blade and Armor of Agathys
-You have the health of a barbarian and the utility spells of a sorc

3. When you try and cast a simple cantrip and you roll a nat 1. Eldritch blast explodes out of your hand and blinds you for around. The only damage I can manage is the damage from my d&d 5e armor of agathys.

4. I have a player using an Abjuration Wizard and they have a huge storyline quest reward coming up.

Anyone have ideas on how to re-flavor dnd Armor of Agathys to make it more Wizardly?

5. Suggestions for ice spells to give to sorcerers: wall of ice, Armor of Agathys. Neither spell is super powerful but means utility + elemental