Within the range of the demiplane 5e, you create a vaguely shaped door on a visible plane.

Demiplane 5e

Level: 8th

Classes: Wizard, Warlock

Casting Time: Action

Range: 60 feet

Components: S

Duration: 1 hour

Frequently topics on

1. In dnd 5e, what would take a bag of holding into a demiplane do?

2. This meme is so good, but not all of us on the Web DM demiplane 5e have seen the whole new season yet so no spoilers plz.

3. What would you change to incorporate and run Curse of Strahd IN the Realms instead of in a demiplane?

4. The dnd 5e demiplane spell creates a shadowy, not invisible, door, which can be opened and closed.

5. It is not always apparent what is behind a portal, sometimes it can just be a simple path between two areas of a dungeon. Sometimes it can be to another dimension or demiplane.

Also, does the portal suck people in? or can people casually walkthrough.

How does the demiplane work?

Within the casting distance, you create a vaguely shaped door on a visible plane. The size of the door is large enough to allow medium-sized creatures to pass unimpeded.

When the door is opened, it leads to a half-plane of an empty room 30 feet long on each side, made of wood or stone. When the spell ends, the door disappears, and the door in the dnd 5e demiplane also disappears, trapping any creatures or objects that are still on the d&d 5e demiplane.

You can create a new demiplane 5e every time you cast this spell, or you can connect to an old demiplane created with this spell. In addition.

If you know a demiplane created by some other creature with this spell, you can also connect to it through this spell.

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