Using the Antimagic Field 5e spell, an invisible spherical anti-magic energy with a radius of 10 feet surrounds you, isolating the area from the magic energy that diffuses across the multiverse.

Antimagic Field


Classes: Wizard, Cleric

Casting Time: Action

Range: Self

Components: V, S, M

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

Frequently topics on Antimagic Field 5e

1. Does the adamantine armor protect against critical hits inside an antimagic field?

Adamantine armor is a magic item. It follows the rules for such items, including the text in dnd 5e antimagic field on magic items.

2. What happens to a wild shaped druid that enters a d&d 5e Antimagic Field?

3. If you’re in a spot where you’re in an antimagic field 5e, what are you going to do about it?

Get out of the antimagic field.

4. An artificer’s steel defender isn’t a spell, a magic item, or an effect labeled as magical by a rule. It is therefore not affected by the dnd 5e antimagic field spell.

5. In dnd 5e, does an antimagic field interfere with the Companion Bond for the 5e Ranger?

How does the Antimagic Field work?

When using the Antimagic Field spell, there is an invisible spherical anti-magic energy with a radius of 10 feet surrounds you, isolating the area from the magic energy that diffuses across the multiverse.

In this spherical force field: Spells cannot be cast; summoned creatures disappear and disappear; magic items also lose their effects. The force field moves around you until the Antimagic Field spell ends.

Spells cast in the force field have their effects suppressed while the spell slots they use are still consumed. The suppressed magic effect will not take effect, but its duration is still calculated as usual.

Unless it comes from an artifact or deity itself, any spell and magic effects will be suppressed in the force field and will not be able to affect the force field.

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Areas of Magic

The regional effects of spells and other magical effects (such as fireball) cannot penetrate the force field. If the force field overlaps with a magic effect, the effect is suppressed in the overlapped portion.

For example, when the force field overlaps with the flame generated by the firewall technique, the flame in the overlapping area is suppressed. If the overlap area is large enough, the firewall can even be cut off from the middle.

Targeted effects

Spells or other magic effects that target creatures or objects (such as magic missiles and charmed humans) cannot take effect on targets in the force field.

Magic Items

The attributes and power of magic items are suppressed in the force field. For example, a +1 long sword is regarded as a non-magic long sword in the force field. The attributes and power of magic weapons used to attack targets in the force field or used by attackers in the force field will be suppressed.

If a magic weapon or a round of magic ammunition completely leaves the force field (for example, if you shoot an arrow or throw a javelin from a force field to a target outside the force field), the magic will be The moment of leaving the force field is restored.


Spells or other magic effects that take effect on creatures or objects in the force field are suppressed.

Dispel Magic

The magic-like effects of spells and other magic effects have no effect on the force field. In addition, the antimagic fields of different sources will not cancel each other out.

Magic Tracel

Teleportation or plane travel effects that take the area in the force field as the starting point or ending point cannot take effect.

In the force field, the portal to a place, a world, or a plane, and the entrance to the dimensional space (such as the area created by the magic rope technique) are temporarily closed.

Creatures and Objects

In the force field, creatures or objects created or summoned by magic disappear temporarily. Creatures that have disappeared in this way immediately reappear there when the force field no longer covers the space they occupy.

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