How does the arcane gate 5e work?

When it comes to the Arcane Gate 5e, you might know about the Arcane Eye 5e, Arcane Lock 5e. Its are Arcane XX spell.

However, how to use the dnd 5e arcane gate, and what monster has the arcane gate in 5e?

Arcane Gate 5e

Level: 6th

Classes: Warlock, Wizard, Sorcerer

Casting Time: Action

Range: 500 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes

Frequently topics on d&d 5e arcane gate

1. Hidden in the undergrowth by the side of the path lies a broken sign. It reads “WARNNG! The Arcane Gate”!

2. It is official guys! And I am doing a #dnd twitch lice stream together called The Arcane Gate! I am super excited to get on twitch and run a new homebrew campaign for everyone to see!

3. Accidentally give my players a scroll for “Gate” when I intended to give them “Arcane Gate”. Their intention is to sell it for way too much gold then they should have right now. Remedies? Solutions?

4. Arcane Gate! “Then the most glorious, almighty, and true God revealed their holy face and opened the heavenly gates.”

How does the dnd 5e arcane gate work?

With the dnd 5e arcane gate spell, you create two connected portals. Specify two points on the ground that you can see, one point is within 10 feet of your side, and the other point is within 500 feet.

Afterwards, a 10-foot diameter circular portal will open at two points. If the point you choose is occupied by a creature, the spell fails and is consumed.

The edge of the portal is a flashing two-dimensional ring, which is covered with mist, and the whole is suspended vertically a few feet above the ground. Only one side of the ring is visible (you choose), and that side is the effective side of the portal.

Any creature that enters one of the portals will exit the other portal as if two portals were adjacent to each other. There is no effect if you walk past the side where the portal is not effective.

The fog covered the door blocked the view, so no image could be seen. You can use a bonus action to change the direction of the portal during your turn.

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