How to get past Arcane lock 5e?

If you know about the Arcane Eye 5e, Arcane Gate 5e, you might also know Arcane Lock 5e.

However, how to use the dnd 5e arcane lock, and how to get past arcane lock?

Arcane Lock 5e

Level: 2nd

Classes: Wizard

Casting Time: Action

Range: Touch

Components: V, S, M

Duration: Until dispelled

Frequently topics on Arcane lock

1. Celence uses the Arcane Lock ritual to freeze the lever and alert us if someone breaks it. She crits on setting the lock.

2. Dnd idea: walking down the city street you see water coming from a closed door. The amount of water indicates more than a bucket or any container available in what by outside appearances is a normal home.

If you decide to try and enter, all doors and windows have dnd 5e Arcane Lock.

3. Starting to think of spells named after famous #dnd characters like sponsorship. Like maybe Bigby’s hand was mostly writing cheques for research. Also imagining IRL corporate equivalents, like

  • Vick’s Vaporizer
  • Twitter’s Sending
  • Dudley’s Arcane Lock
  • Red Bull’s Haste 5e

How does the Arcane lock work?

When casting the d&d 5e arcane lock spell, you touch a closed door, window, chest, or other entrance and exit, and keep the target locked for the duration of the spell. You can also set to allow you and several other creatures to open the object normally.

You can also set a secret language. When the secret language is spoken within 5 feet of the locked object, the secret lock will be suppressed for 1 minute.

The object can only be opened when the spell is suppressed, canceled, or the object itself is destroyed. Casting percussion on an object will suppress its secret lock spell for 10 minutes.

Objects affected by this dnd 5e arcane lock spell are more difficult to pry or destroy. When it is destroyed or the lock is picked, its corresponding DC increases by 10.

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