How does Mass Healing Word work?

When comes to Mass Healing Word 5e, you might know the Healing Word 5e spell. Mass Healing Word belongs to cleric spells 5e, check out it.

Mass Healing Word

Level: 3rd

Classes: Cleric (cleric spells 5e list)

Casting Time: Bonus Action

Range: 60 feet

Components: V

Duration: Instantaneous

How does Mass Healing Word work?

In dnd 5e game, you recite the mantra of recovery and specify up to six creatures you can see within the cast range to restore each of them to a certain amount of health.

The value is equal to 1d4 + your cast key attribute adjustment value. The dnd 5e mass healing word spell has no effect on undead and constructing creatures.

When casting the d&d 5e mass healing word spell with a 4th-level or higher spell slot, each time you use a spell slot that is higher than the 3rd ring, its healing is increased by 1d4.

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Frequently topics on Mass Healing Word 5e

1. 1 cast of Mass Cure Wounds 5e (60ft) on a party of 5 that’s 5x(3d8+5+7) that’s 127.5 plus an additional 7 to yourself from blessed healer. You’ve still got 9 rounds to do another 220. Mass healing word is 62.5, do I need to continue? 😛 350 is basically cure wounds spam.

2. Guess who just got her leg stuck in a bear trap then rolled a 1 for mass healing word? Yuuuuup.

3. Birbjesus clutched dnd sesh again? Everyone bar Blue & tiny gnome now 1 armed wizard cause of weird amulet, downed by a bone naga. Thank fuck Blues lvl 5 cause Masshealingword got everyone up, then the barbarian took the brunt of the hits again and for real this time

4. If you could cast any DnD spell in real life, what would it be? Why? Thaumaturgy could make some of my nursing shifts preeeetty hilarious. Patient getting sassy? ‘Your voice booms up to three times as loud as normal .

Hey, guys, wanna go literally anywhere in the world tonight for the price of a picture of a tree? But, for real, I’d probably pick Mass Healing Word provided that I could learn to cast it multiple times a day. Use all the spell slots!

5. Nothing like almost killing the one player character capable of casting resurrection magic with a zombie beholder’s disintegration ray to liven up your session. One dnd 5e Mass Healing Word and 3 hit points made all the difference, clerics are amazing.

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